The Institute

Herbert von Karajan was not only one of the greatest conductors, but also an extremely successful visionary with an entrepreneurial mind and spirit. The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute was founded to preserve this lifework.  The missions of the institute are


Administration and Continuation of the Musical Legacy


A dominant focus of our work is the management, stewardship and continuous expansion of the Karajan Archive, which is internationally known for its comprehensive materials.  The archive is considered the central source for research on the life and works of Herbert von Karajan.


Development and Implementation of  Innovative Music Projects for Young People


One of the main aims of the Karajan Institute in the area of Educational Outreach is bringing and comitting younger generations to classical music for the long term, and helping prepare young musicians and arts managers for their careers. To this effect we develop conceptual collaborations with schools, universities,  partners in the music-, book-, and filmindustry, as well as software and game developers.


Protection of Artistic Rights


The name Karajan ® is a registered trademark.
The Institute maintains all applicable rights of Herbert von Karajans work as well as the trademark aspect, and serves all requests for licensing and branding.  In addition we maintain close structured collaborations with the photographers of Eliette and Herbert von Karajan, to protect the copyrights of these photographers. We handle photo usage requests centrally and exclusively worldwide.